Apple iPad 2 – iOS

However, some analysts and gadget websites have given some speculations regarding its specs and features as well. This includes the following:

  • The iPad 2 is expected to have a camera a better screen that supports Facetime
  • Apple’s Retina display present in the iPhone 4 is also expected to be a part of the next generation iPad
  • An increase in display resolution and above 7-inch display. However, there are also some speculations that the iPad 2 will have a 5.6-inch screen, but based on what Steve Jobs often say that “there won’t be a 7-inch iPad 2”, then this speculation is not really possible at all
  • An increase in memory is also expected
  • A possible 2 GHz processor
  • Wireless printing feature

Basically, these are just mainly speculations about the upcoming iPad 2. And based on these possible specs and features, it seems that the iPad 2 will have the same fate as the first version. Surely, Apple will be coming with new and interesting features that will make this tablet incomparable.

The iPad 2 has been also rumored to arrive this holiday seasons, but since the Apple’s iPad is still making it well in the market, we may expect the iPad 2 early next year instead. The iPad 2 is also projected to have almost the same price as the original iPad except if there are major changes that will make it more or less expensive.


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