The iPhone 5 release date rumors continue to swirl. This must be the 10729th iteration of whispers about the iconic Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shiny launch.

Daniel Ionescu blogs in the following fashion:

According to China Times…suppliers are currently preparing 400,000 trial run iPhone 5 units…[a]s the iPhone 5 features guessing game picks up steam. … For the past three years Apple has held a media event in September…this year the company is expected to launch the long-awaited iPhone 5.

The iPhone…is due for a refresh, as the iPhone 4 was launched more than one year ago. Conflicting rumors…are split between an incremental upgrade…with an A5 dual-core chip…and a camera boost, or a rather more radical refresh…as suggested by alleged cases for the upcoming device.
Arnold Kim reads the rumor runes in the original hanzi:

The China Times pinpoints…the second week of September…[which] lines up nicely with current expectations.

The China Times has had a hit or miss record with Apple-related rumors, though they do seem close to Apple’s suppliers…and may…have knowledge of their production plans.
And Jonny Evans thinks deeply:

A report originating in [an] Italian iPhone website, iPhone Italia, cites an anonymous Swisscom source [that it]…will ship in the US on September 5. …[But] September 5 is a US public holiday, making that an unlikely date. … A later report…claims a later introduction…the second week of September.

…[I]t could turn out to be nothing more than an educated guess. But this isn’t the first time a September release has been claimed. Way back in January I warned that [it] wouldn’t ship until later in the year.

The iPhone will likely run iOS 5…it seems logical to expect iCloud services to also go live. … In other words I’m suggesting a mid-late August intro, September shipping in US, iOS 5 and iCloud launch.
But Shawn King calls the 9/5 rumor “stupid”:

[T]here’s no chance Apple will announce new products on Labor Day.
And Dan Moren moans:

…[D]emand for the as-yet-unannounced device has reached a ridiculous pitch. According to a…survey, 35 percent of consumers say they will buy the new iPhone.

The survey also asked which features were most important…59 percent said better battery life, 55 percent wanted a cheaper price, and…47 percent said they wanted an air conditioner.
Meanwhile, Mark Gurman cases the joint: [You’re fired -Ed.]

[W]e have been able to secure an actual purported fifth-generation iPhone case from a source…similar to the source who provided us with impeccably accurate design schematics for the iPad 2. … Given that these cases have actually been built, and…that case manufactures are willing to spend millions of dollars…to maximize on the iPhone 5 launch, we have reason to believe that this…is indicative of the next-generation iPhone’s design.

This is definitely not the first time that we have heard about a fifth-generation iPhone with a thinner design…a curved, aluminum back…[a] teardrop design in addition to larger display and a gesture-based home button…and lighter design.

…[I]t’s only fair to mention reports…that claim the next iPhone will [be] very similar to that of the current iPhone 4. … As you can see, at this point [it’s] a tossup. … We’ll surely know all come September.


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