Apple’s iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion’s and New MacBook Pros: Announcement Today in San Francisco

Apple's iOS 6 and New MacBook Pros: Announcement Today in San Francisco

Apple’s iOS 6 and New MacBook Pros: Announcement Today in San Francisco

Today Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. There he is expected to preview quite a bit of the tech giant’s new products, including the next version of the iPhone operating system (iOS 6) and new Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptops.

Speaking at the All Things D conference two weeks ago, Cook discussed that both Siri improvements and more Facebook integration was coming to the iPhone and iPad. Both those new features are expected to be large parts of the forthcoming iOS 6 operating system for the iPhone and iPad that will be previewed today.

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Cook and Apple executives will discuss other new features coming to the iPhone and iPad. A new maps application is also anticipated. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Apple was planning to replace the Google Maps on the iPhone with its own 3D mapping solution. Last week Google held a Maps event, but would not discuss its relationship with Apple.

iOS 6 is not expected to release to the public for a couple of months; today, like in years past, it will likely be released for developers that build apps and other accessories for the iPhone.

Apple is not expected to discuss the next iPhone or the iPhone 5 at WWDC today. Industry experts and analysts expect the new iPhone hardware, which has been rumored to have a larger display, to be released in the early fall, when iOS 6 is officially available for all to download.

But Cook isn’t only talking iProducts. He is also expected to focus on Apple’s laptops and desktops and Mountain Lion, Apple’s next version of its Mac operating system. Along with a preview of the new software, Apple is heavily rumored to release new MacBook Pros and Airs with brand new high-resolution Retina Displays. ABC News previously reported that the MacBook Pros will have Nvidia graphics and Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors.

Apple is also likely to provide details on the future of its iCloud service, which provides users cloud storage space and access to music, contacts, and apps from any device.

ABC News will be live at the WWDC keynote starting at 1:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST. Stay tuned for our continuous coverage throughout the day.


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