iPad 4 Released with A6X CPU

An all new iPad was released today, officially labeled as the 4th generation iPad. It’s basically a beefed up iPad 3 with an all new CPU, but it’s otherwise much the same, with the same aluminum enclosure, same great 10″ retina display, and available in both black and white with the standard 16Gb, 32GB, and 64GB configurations. Both Wi-Fi and LTE models are available of course, and there is faster networking with both. The major differences from the prior generation are really the following:

  • A6X CPU, 2x as fast as A5X
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • Wider LTE range

Pricing continues to start at $499 for the base 16GB model, LTE adds $130 to each model as usual.

In an event that unleashed a ton of new stuff, including the iPad mini, all new iMacs, all new retina 13″ MacBook Pro, and refreshed Mac minis, the 4th gen iPad was perhaps the least expected item and only real surprise for those who closely follow rumors.


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