Want to Pre-Order the iPad Mini? Use the Apple Store iOS App Tonight at 12:00 PST

If you’ve already made up your mind about buying an iPad Mini and you want one sooner than later, you’ll probably want to pre-order it tonight (October 26) at midnight* Pacific Standard Time. Grabbing a pre-order insures that you’ll get the device on it’s official release date of November 2nd and won’t have to wait in any lines or wait for production to catch up to demand, assuming the iPad Mini sells out of course.

Pre-ordering can be done two ways, either through the web at store.apple.com or with the official Apple Store iOS app. We prefer the Apple Store iOS app because historically it has performed much better under initial pre-order sales rushes, while sometimes the Apple Store website remains down, and a lot of iPhone 5 pre-orderers missed their initial delivery window as a result. The same thing happened with the iPad 3 launch earlier in the year too.

  • Download the Apple Store iOS app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Take the time now to fill in and save your billing and shipping information, before the rushes to order flood in
  • Set a reminder/alarm for 11:50 PM PST, fire up the App Store app around 11:58, find your iPad Mini at midnight, and checkout ASAP

Good luck, and enjoy your iPad Mini when it arrives a week later!

* Note: Apple hasn’t (yet) confirmed the midnight pre-order start time, this is everyones best guess based on recent Apple preorders which began at midnight on the day of. It’s always possible pre-orders won’t begin until the morning of October 26 too… we’ll update when we can confirm.


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