iOS 6.1 Update Released [Direct Download Links]

iOS 6.1 Download

iOS 6.1 Download

iOS 6.1 has been released to the public. The update consists of bug fixes and improvements, including wider LTE support for more carriers, the ability to purchase movie tickets with Siri, a new feature that lets iTunes Match subscribers download individual songs from iCloud, and a new button to reset the unique Advertising Identifier for each device. The release notes can be read below.

Devices that support iOS 6.1 are the same that were supported by beta versions, including iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th gen, and iPod touch 5th gen.

Download iOS 6.1 Update

There are a variety of ways to get iOS 6.1, including OTA updates, through iTunes, or the more advanced method of downloading IPSW files and performing a manual update. It’s always a good idea to back up any iOS device before installing a new update. Backups can be done manually with iCloud or with iTunes to your local computer.

Update to iOS 6.1 with OTA
The fastest way to get iOS 6.1 is to use OTA. This can be done by:

  • Opening “Settings” and tapping “General”
  • Choose “Software Update” and then “Download and Install”

The iOS 6.1 update weighs in around 107MB when downloaded with Over-the-Air.
Update with iTunes
Connecting any compatible device to iTunes should trigger the request for the 6.1 update and download.

iOS 6.1 IPSW Direct Download Links

The following firmware files are hosted by Apple. Updating with firmware is considered more advanced and not necessary for most users, though it’s not particularly complicated and you can learn how to use them here. Right-click a link below and choose ‘Save As’ for best results.

Separately, Apple TV has been updated to 5.2 and includes Bluetooth keyboard support:

iOS 6.1 Release Notes

The release notes are brief:

  • LTE support for more carriers (complete list of supported carriers here)
  • Purchase movie tickets through Fandango via Siri (USA only)
  • iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud
  • New button to reset the Advertising Identifier

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