iPhone 5 TV Commercials Start to Air: Thumbs, Cheese, Physics, Ears

Apple has started to air a group of four commercials for the iPhone 5, each ad is voiced by Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, Newsroom) and focuses on different aspects of the phone. The videos are described briefly and embedded to watch below.

The first commercial, titled “Thumb”, focuses on the new 4″ display and how it is sized according to the reach of thumbs:

The next commercial is titled “Cheese” and is centered around the new Panorama camera mode new to iOS 6 and iPhone 5:

Another commercial is dubbed “Physics”, and emphasizes how the new iPhone offers more features and a larger display while weighing less and being bundled in a thinner package:

The final commercial airing is called “Ears”, with a focus on the new and improved EarPods headphones that have replaced the popular earbud headphones and ship with iPhone 5:

The ads are all pretty good, and are thus far being received far better than the controversial and unpopular Mac Genius ads from earlier in the summer. Typically you can catch new Apple commercials on TV during primetime, keep a lookout for them.