iOS 6.0 – Xcode 4.5 core Frameworks in 4 New Frameworks added

if you are the iOS developer / programmer then you need know the first to which frameworks are New Added and which are updated, without you know this framework you can not develop a New Application and upgrade application from old version.

  1. Accelerate
  2. Accounts
  3. AddressBook
  4. AddressBookUI
  5. AdSupport – Added New Framework
  6. AssetsLibrary
  7. AudioToolbox
  8. AudioUnit
  9. AVFoundation
  10. CFNetwork
  11. CoreAudio
  12. CoreBluetooth
  13. CoreData
  14. CoreFoundation
  15. CoreGraphics
  16. CoreImage
  17. CoreLocation
  18. CoreMedia
  19. CoreMIDI
  20. CoreMotion
  21. CoreTelephony
  22. CoreText
  23. CoreVideo
  24. EventKit
  25. EventKitUI
  26. ExternalAccessory
  27. Foundation
  28. GameKit
  29. GLKit
  30. GSS
  31. iAd
  32. ImageIO
  33. MapKit
  34. MediaPlayer
  35. MediaToolbox – Added New Framework
  36. MessageUI
  37. MobileCoreServices
  38. NewsstandKit
  39. OpenAL
  40. OpenGLES
  41. PassKit – Added New Framework
  42. QuartzCore
  43. QuickLook
  44. Security
  45. Social – Added New Framework
  46. StoreKit
  47. SystemConfiguration
  48. Twitter
  49. UIKit

All above frameworks details are available in Xcode 4.5 latest stable version, iOS 6 Application development start before you must be read about it. if you are know all frameworks then you can build Excellent quality application.


Developers get iOS 5 gold master

iOS 5 GM seed.(Credit: CNET)

This probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, given that iOS 5 is arriving in consumers’ hands next week, but Apple today gave developers a final copy of the software they can use to fine-tune their apps for compatibility.

Apple posted the gold master of the software on its developer site following this morning’s announcements. Worth noting is that existing developers cannot install it as an over-the-air update, and they must use one of the recent developer betas of iTunes from the past two months.

(Credit: Apple)

The release today comes just after the date range predicted by Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo last month told AppleInsider and MacRumors that Apple should be delivering a final version of the software between September 23 and 30.

As a quick recap, iOS 5 has been in a public beta for developers since June, seeing a total of seven releases in that time:

• iOS 5 beta 1 on 6/6
• iOS 5 beta 2 on 6/24
• iOS 5 beta 3 on 7/11
• iOS 5 beta 4 on 7/22
• iOS 5 beta 5 on 8/6
• iOS 5 beta 6 on 8/19
• iOS 5 beta 7 on 8/31

Users get the software, which brings an overhauled notification system, iMessage, iCloud integration, and more, on October 12.

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iOS 5 App Development

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iPhone 5

Apple’s next generation iPhone-iPhone 5 is still in the storms of rumors, speculations and expectations. Every new day rises with some fresh news about the thunders of iPhone 5, its features, its hardware, and its software. It has been almost confirmed that Apple is not announcing iPhone 5 in its usual hardware releasing months of June-July and WWDC 2011 event.

Now a fresh sound about iPhone 5 release date comes from All Thing Digital; Apple is planning to release iPhone 5 in its traditional September grand media event


China Mobile, one of the largest telecom operators in China, will distribute the next generation of Apple iPhone within the next three months.

The iPhone 4S/5 is likely to be available for its 4G network.


Liu Yang, a senior officer of China Mobile wrote on his blog that the iPhone 4S/5 running on China Mobile’s network will be launched this September like we all expected. This information came after Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, was spotted at China Mobile’s headquarter to negotiate the launch of iPhone 4 or maybe newer versions. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the rumors of iPhone 5′s launch in September.


China Mobile is using its own network that is not compatible with any of iPhone models on the market including the GSM and CDMA versions. Meanwhile, China Unicom, its biggest competitor, owns more than 800 million iPhone subscribers last September and attracts thousands of people in line to buy the iPhone 4.


A few days ago, Bloomberg also stated that iPhone 5 will be sold on September 5 and it will feature the A5 dual-core processor like the iPad 2 and its camera is also improved to 8MP




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