You Don’t Need In Order To Succeed: 7

  1. Just the qualifications – But the ability to learn from anything and everything. Something beyond the current education system or known best practices!
  2. Perfect family environment – It’s good if you get that, not a showstopper otherwise.
  3. Your lucky shirt – Does it matter? Huh?
  4. Excellent American accents – Accents are just one way of expressing yourself. Instead be yourself and communicate clearly and you’re good to go!
  5. Leo star sign – Many leaders do not have that then why would you need it?
  6. Millions of dollars – Nothing comes in a way if you think you will make it, not even dollars!
  7. A fancy designation – Leaders make designations not designations make leaders, Lead and take everyone on your bus to the destination of success. As simple as that!

Know That CEO Is Rocking If: 7


  1. Each employee is well-aligned with organization’s vision. (alignment)
  2. Best skilled people from all over outside want to work for the organization. (skills)
  3. 360 degree feedback system is in place. (transparency)
  4. Human resources are treated as ‘Human’ rather than resources. (care)
  5. He has created an environment where each employee feels that the organization ‘cares’ for her and in turn she effortlessly cares the customers. (culture)
  6. Regardless of processes, existing employees serve as the ‘Quality Performance Standard’ for all future employees! (quality)
  7. Where all the entities have trust based relationships. Organization has complete trust in its employees and suppliers and customers have complete trust in the organization and vice-versa. (trust)

Two Most Powerful Words

There are two most powerful words, however, only a few people say this most of the times.

They could make your life, if you properly understand the power behind it. It is surprising but it is somehow not so commonly being practiced L

Those words are: Right Now.

Amazing thing about these words is that they let you on the hook. The power lies in the meaning; you’re sayingyes and giving the commitment to the present moment. There is nothing more powerful then the action whose time has come.

Here is what you are saying while you’re saying Right Now.

  • This is my time and I am starting to work on doing what I love for a living
  • The time is right and I want to travel now.
  • I have nothing important than to spend time with my family.
  • I have the enough courage and I am staring tot take that class I’ve really dreamed for.

Here is the choice that you’re making:

  • You are ignited for action – and action leads to results.
  • You have charged yourself to get your ass off; you are out of your comfort zone which influences you to procrastinate otherwise.
  • You are really honest with yourself.
  • You are choosing the unsafe, uncomfortable and naïve path; you are choosing to travel where there is no road.


You’re choosing “now” – meaning you are choosing to be responsible… be accountable for whatever the choice you have made. You are giving meaning to the moment… which is the only thing that you can do as a human being… and success follows.

Therefore, someone has rightly said,

The power is in this moment… it is now or never!