Apple releases OS X 10.9.3 with improved support for high-res 4K displays

Apple on Thursday released OS X 10.9.3, a minor update for its Mavericks Mac operating system, bringing improved 4K display support for the latest Mac Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro, along with other bug fixes and improvements.


OS X 10.9.3 is now available to download through the Mac App Store. Apple says the update is recommended for all Mac users, and that it improves the stability, compatibility and security of the operating system.

Apple releases OS X 10.9.3 with improved support for high-res 4K displays

Apple releases OS X 10.9.3 with improved support for high-res 4K displays

Other additions and changes in OS X 10.9.3 are:

  • The ability to sync contacts and calendars between a Mac and an iOS device using a USB connection
  • Improved reliability of VPN connections using IPsec
  • Safari 7.0.3 is also included

While the update introduces a “Retina” output mode for the late 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro, it does not grant the same ability to the 13-inch model. Apple’s current Thunderbolt Display does not come with a 4K resolution, meaning the support is only available for third-party monitors.

OS X 10.9.3 had a particularly long beta period, with nine pre-release builds being provided to developers before Thursday’s official launch to the public. 

The launch of OS X 10.9.3 comes less than a month after Apple opened up its beta seed program to all users in exchange for “quality and usability feedback.” The program allows anyone, not just Mac developers, to test pre-release versions of OS X.


Want to Beta Test Mac OS X? Now Anyone Can with Apple’s Beta Seed Program

Apple has expanded the availability of beta OS X system software to all Mac users, allowing potentially anyone to run the latest pre-release beta builds of the operating system for trials and feedback. Dubbed the OS X Beta Seed Program, this is the first time since the initial release of OS X that Apple has allowed non developers access to the beta OS builds.

While it may be appealing to many, the beta program is not recommended for primary use Macs or for novice users, as beta software is often buggy and incomplete, offering an experience that is not yet as refined as a public release. Accordingly, average Mac users with a single machine probably shouldn’t bother with the OS X Beta Seed program, making this best reserved for curious Mac users who have a spare machine they can run the beta builds on.

Mac users who are interested in this program will need to log into the Beta Seed website with an Apple ID, read and accept a lengthy Terms and Conditions agreement, back up their Macs with Time Machine, and then install an Apple utility to access the beta software downloads:  Check out the Apple Seed OS X Beta Program

Beta Test Mac OS X

Beta Test Mac OS X

Presumably the OS X Beta program will become considerably more interesting with the upcoming developer release of OS X 10.10, widely expected to be unveiled on June 2 at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference. The next major revision of Mac OS X (assumed to be OS X 10.10) is said to include a significant user interface overhaul, similar to that seen with iOS 7, which may have influenced Apple in opening up the beta versions to a wider audience before releasing the final version, anticipated to launch in the fall of this year. Currently, the beta version of OS X offered through the program is 10.9.3.

Apple updates Safari with enhanced push notification, new security features

Apple on Tuesday rolled out an update to its Safari Web Browser for Mac, with new features like enhanced push notification settings coming to users of OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Apple updates Safari with enhanced push notification, new security features

Apple updates Safari with enhanced push notification, new security featuresApple updates Safari with enhanced push notification, new security features

Perhaps most significant among Safari version 7.0.3’s new features is greater control over push notifications, which in the past required per-website management.

With the latest release, users can simply uncheck a box for “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications,” which effectively disables all incoming push attempts. In addition, the update includes a fix to an issue that could block the receipt of push notifications.

Support for webpages with new top-level domains, like “.cab” and “.clothing,” has also been added, allowing Safari to move directly to a webpage instead of initiating a Web search.

Other fixes include an problem that could cause a webpage to load prematurely when typing a search term into the address field, credit card autofill compatibility and several security issues.

Safari 7.0.3, or Safari 6.1.3 for those running older OS X versions, is a free download from the Mac App Store or Software Update.

OS X 10.9.2 Released with Fix for Mail Problems, SSL Security Flaw, & More

Apple has released OS X 10.9.2, a fairly major update to OS X Mavericks that includes resolutions to many problems and bugs encountered by Mac users. Critically, the OS X 10.9.2 update patches the SSL / TSL vulnerability for Macs that was fixed earlier for mobile devices with the iOS 7.0.6 update. The SSL fix alone makes the 10.9.2 update a particularly important release that all Mac users running Mavericks should install as soon as possible.

The OS X Update 10.9.2 also resolves remaining issues with OS X Mail, including resolutions to new email retrieval from services like Gmail and Outlook, fixes the Mail Archive problems, and the bundled SMB fixes should solve some of the issues encountered within the Finder. Separately, some additional features have been added to OS X, including native FaceTime Audio support, FaceTime call waiting support, iMessage blocking, and a variety of other stability and performance improvements.
OS X 10.9.2 Released with Fix for Mail Problems, SSL Security Flaw, & More

OS X 10.9.2 Released with Fix for Mail Problems, SSL Security Flaw, & More

OS X 10.9.2 Release Notes

The release notes bundled with the Mavericks 10.9.2 update are as follows. Notably, there is no specific mention of the SSL / TSL security bug or a fix for it for Macs, but we can confirm the SSL bug has been patched with the 10.9.2 final build.

  • Adds the ability to make and receive FaceTime Audio calls from OS X to OS X and to iOS
  • Adds call waiting support for FaceTime audio and video calls
  • Adds the ability to block incoming iMessages from individual senders
  • Includes general improvements to the stability and compatibility of Mail
  • Improves the accuracy of unread counts in Mail
  • Resolves an issue that prevented Mail from receiving new messages from certain providers
  • Improves AutoFill compatibility in Safari
  • Fixes an issue that may cause audio distortion on certain Macs
  • Improves reliability when connecting to a file server using SMB2
  • Fixes an issue that may cause VPN connections to disconnect
  • Improves VoiceOver navigation in Mail and Finder
  • Improves VoiceOver reliability when navigating websites
  • Improves compatibility with Gmail Archive mailboxes
  • Includes improvements to Gmail labels
  • Improves Safari browsing and Software Update installation when using an authenticated web proxy
  • Adds additional layers of awesomeness to readers who read release notes
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the Mac App Store to offer updates for apps that are already up to date
  • Improves the reliability of diskless NetBoot service in OS X Server
  • Fixes braille driver support for specific HandyTech displays
  • Resolves an issue when using Safe Boot with some systems
  • Improves ExpressCard compatibility for some MacBook Pro 2010 models
  • Resolves an issue which prevented printing to printers shared by Windows XP
  • Resolves an issue with Keychain that could cause repeated prompts to unlock the Local Items keychain
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent certain preference panes from opening in System Preferences
  • Fixes an issue that may prevent migration from completing while in Setup Assistant

The complete security specific notes can be found here.

Additional Security Updates for OS X Mountain Lion & Lion Available Separately

Aside from the OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update, there is a Security Update to OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion Security Update available for users who are continuing to run Macs with older versions of OS X. Those updates can also be found in the Mac App Store on those machines, or downloaded directly from Apple as available here Security Update 2014-001 (Mountain Lion) and Security Update 2014-001 (Lion).

As usual, it is generally recommended to install the latest version of OS X available to you.

Mavericks GM : OS X Mavericks GM Available for Developer Download, Public Release Soon

Apple has released OS X Mavericks GM to those registered with the Mac Developer program. The GM (Golden Master) build is the final release version of OS X 10.9, ending the Developer Preview beta process and indicating that a wider public release of Mavericks will arrive shortly in the coming weeks.

Registered developers can download the GM build from the Mac App Store as usual. Those interested in performing a clean install can use a redemption code to download the installer, which can then be made into a Mavericks install drive using a USB stick or external drive.

OS X Mavericks GM Available for Developer Download, Public Release Soon

OS X Mavericks GM Available for Developer Download, Public Release Soon

The build number for OS X Mavericks GM is 13A598. Along with the OS X Mavericks GM build are Xcode 5.0.1 GM seed and OS X Server Preview 9.

OS X Mavericks includes many new feature enhancements and improvements for Mac users, including Finder tabs, Maps for OS X, advanced power management features, Finder tagging, and many smaller refinements throughout the operating system.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Available Now

Apple has released OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 for registered Mac devs. The release includes bug fixes and feature enhancements, and all users who are running Developer Preview 4 are recommended to update to the newest version.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Available Now

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Available Now

The fastest way to download and update to Developer Preview 5 is through the Mac App Store, where it runs between 1.5GB and 3GB depending on the Mac being installed on.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Available Now

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Available Now

Developers who have held off on installing Mavericks beta versions thus far can access a code through the developer center to install DP5 directly without having to update from the prior version. This also allows you to create your own bootable Mavericks USB installer out of a flash drive, but it must be done before Mavericks is actually installed.

The final release of OS X Mavericks is expected this fall and includes many new features and enhancements for Mac users. Though the precise release date is unknown, it will likely be launched near the public release of iOS 7, which is largely expected sometime in late September or early October.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 Released for Developer Download

Apple has released OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 to registered developers. The update to the existing OS X 10.9 beta is versioned as 13A497d and is recommended for all users who are currently running the first version of OS X Mavericks Developer Preview.

os x mavericks developer preview 2

os x mavericks developer preview 2

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 can be downloaded immediately through the Software Update menu and the Mac App Store.

As found in the App Store, the update weighs in around 1.5GB and is likely the fastest way to upgrade to the latest version. Those interested in making a USB install drive would need to re-download the installation client from the App Store. System requirements appear to be the same as the first developer release.

In addition to OS X Mavericks DP2, an update to Xcode 5 Developer Preview and a second dev preview release of OS X Server is also available.

OS X Mavericks is the next major release of Mac system software and includes over 200 new features and improvements, including tabbed Finder support, enhanced power management, and much more.