iOS 7 Beta 5 Released for Developers to Download

Download iOS 7 Beta 5 via OTA

iOS 7b5 weighs in between 100mb-250mb, depending on the device to be installed on. As usual, over-the-air updating is the fastest way to get the latest beta on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  • Head to Settings, go to General, then go to “Software Update”

The OTA delta update is fairly small, and other than often stalling on “Preparing Update” for a while, is generally very quick to install.

Download iOS 7 Beta 5 via OTA

Download iOS 7 Beta 5 via OTA

iOS 7 Beta 5 Direct Download Links

Those registered with the iOS Developer Program can also grab beta 5 firmware directly from Apple servers. In order to use these links you will want to be logged into the dev center beforehand:

As usual, the direct download links arrive as a disk image which can be mounted for access to the IPSW firmware file. Using the IPSW must be done through the latest version of iTunes.

iOS 7 Beta 3 Download is Now Available

iOS 7 Beta 3 Download is Now Available

iOS 7 Beta 3 Download is Now Available

The third beta of iOS 7 has been released by Apple for supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. The beta arrives as build 11A4414e and is expected to include many bug fixes and improvements, as it further pushes iOS 7 to it’s anticipated public release later this year

Those running iOS 7 beta 2 can download the new beta directly from Over-The-Air updates:

  • From Settings, visit “General” then go to “Software Update” to find the new version

Tapping “Download and Install” begins the update process. OTA update remains the easiest way to get the latest beta versions of iOS 7, as the update arrives in delta format making it a smaller download that is then installed directly on the device.

Installing through Software Update can sometimes hang for a while on the “Preparing Update…” stage, so don’t be surprised if it takes much longer to prepare the update than it does to download. The iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will reboot itself when the update is completed.

iOS 7 Beta 3 Direct Download Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Users who are interested in performing a clean install of iOS 7 beta 3 can download firmware contained on a disk image for compatible devices directly from Apple’s Developer Center (dev login required), then use the IPSW to update directly from iTunes:

iOS 7 Beta 3 Direct Download Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iOS 7 Beta 3 Direct Download Links for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iOS 7 beta software is intended for use on developer devices and not for everyday usage.

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 Released for Developers

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 has been released to developers registered with Apple’s iOS Dev program. The 4th beta release of iOS 6.1 is build 10B5126b, and is now available to download through OTA update on devices already running existing 6.1 betas. As usual, IPSW firmware files are also available to download directly from the dev center. Compatible devices continue to be the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the iPod touch 4th and 5th gen.

There does not appear to be any significant change, and iOS 6.1 is expected to be an incremental update with bug fixes and improvements to Apple Maps, Passbook, Siri, and Safari. Some minor user interface changes have also been noticed by those using the developer builds.

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 Released for Developers

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 Released for Developers

There is no projected release date for when iOS 6.1 will be available to the public, but the beta releases are progressing along at such a rate that we could see a release within the next few weeks.

iOS 6.1 Beta 1 Released to Developers

Alongside the public release of the iOS 6.0.1 update, registered Apple Developers received access to the first beta of iOS 6.1. Included in the release are a variety of minor UI changes, and a new Map Kit aimed at developers to help the built-in Maps app.

iOS 6.1 beta 1 arrives as build 10B5095f, and is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4th and 5th gen. Curiously, the early releases of iOS 6.1 beta did not include IPSW for iPad 4 or iPad mini, but those should arrive shortly. Alongside iOS 6.1 beta is also a new version of Xcode 4.6, which is required to build apps for the latest beta iOS.

If you are interested in seeing some of the minor changes thus far included in iOS 6.1 beta, check out 9to5mac’s ongoing thread on the matter.

iOS 6.0 – Xcode 4.5 core Frameworks in 4 New Frameworks added

if you are the iOS developer / programmer then you need know the first to which frameworks are New Added and which are updated, without you know this framework you can not develop a New Application and upgrade application from old version.

  1. Accelerate
  2. Accounts
  3. AddressBook
  4. AddressBookUI
  5. AdSupport – Added New Framework
  6. AssetsLibrary
  7. AudioToolbox
  8. AudioUnit
  9. AVFoundation
  10. CFNetwork
  11. CoreAudio
  12. CoreBluetooth
  13. CoreData
  14. CoreFoundation
  15. CoreGraphics
  16. CoreImage
  17. CoreLocation
  18. CoreMedia
  19. CoreMIDI
  20. CoreMotion
  21. CoreTelephony
  22. CoreText
  23. CoreVideo
  24. EventKit
  25. EventKitUI
  26. ExternalAccessory
  27. Foundation
  28. GameKit
  29. GLKit
  30. GSS
  31. iAd
  32. ImageIO
  33. MapKit
  34. MediaPlayer
  35. MediaToolbox – Added New Framework
  36. MessageUI
  37. MobileCoreServices
  38. NewsstandKit
  39. OpenAL
  40. OpenGLES
  41. PassKit – Added New Framework
  42. QuartzCore
  43. QuickLook
  44. Security
  45. Social – Added New Framework
  46. StoreKit
  47. SystemConfiguration
  48. Twitter
  49. UIKit

All above frameworks details are available in Xcode 4.5 latest stable version, iOS 6 Application development start before you must be read about it. if you are know all frameworks then you can build Excellent quality application.

iOS 6 Development Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS 6 SDK to develop code. if you are the iOS Developer then you need to take care in the below areas

  1. Accounts Framework
  2. Address Book
  3. Audio
  4. Bonjour
  5. Core Image
  6. Event Kit
  7. Game Center
  8. iCloud
  9. iTunes
  10. Location
  11. Maps
  12. Media Player
  13. Passbook
  14. Security
  15. Shared Photo Stream
  16. Simulator
  17. Social
  18. Status Bar
  19. UIKit
  20. WebKit and Safari

iOS 6.0 – Development major areas

This article summarizes the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 6. This version of the operating system runs on current iOS-based devices. In addition to describing the key new features.

  1. Maps
  2. Social Framework
  3. Pass Kit
  4. Game Center
  5. Reminders
  6. In-App Purchase
  7. Collection Views
  8. UI State Preservation
  9. Auto Layout
  10. Data Privacy – Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photo Library